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    As entrepreneurs, we put ourselves in a vulnerable position every day. The sale of products and services to different people with unique expectations is not an easy task. And when things are not going too well, we are often left with angry clients and loss.

    Recently, I tried to ask someone to develop a logo for a product that I currently work. The logo design has returned to a few hours and it was clear that no authentic spring for my request has been considered.

    On my side things, it appeared that the entrepreneur had made no effort to make me a happy customer. So, I refused to pay and left him with the best chance to develop his skills.

    I am often not an angry customer because I tend to buy from the same locations. However, the experience of it let me think. Maybe the person made the effort, or he may have been ready to try again.

    Despite all this, I asked that I would not pay for that and I left the agreement. From my point of view, I felt myself to respect and undervalued as a customer. However, the contractor had more than probably a different view of me. After all, no one runs a business that tries to make people unhappy.

    So with all this in mind, I considered the measures he could have taken to calm me down. Not only calm but make me a real supporter of his work.

    Here are the three things I believe that the entrepreneur was mistaken while treating an angry client. If he had applied these three things, he might have always had a client for the future.

Integrity on money

Once I let the person know that I did not like the product, he immediately answered with:

"I spent so long on the design, so what are we going to make money? You have agreed to pay. "
    Unfortunately, his words are only more frustrated. I let him know that a good customer could bring 3-4 more customers in your business. However, a bad can transform hundreds of people leaving bad reviews everywhere and giving you a bad reputation.

    We often forget that negativity always holds more energy than positivity. When we are happy with something, we can tell a few people and put a smile on our face. But anger makes us want to hit something, scream and make an extra mile to revenge.

    Your integrity as an entrepreneur is the most vital thing to your success. Be honest on where you are in your development and that your product is essential.
You can not tell customers that your route is best created if it has never been tested. 
    You can not ask for money if your customer is not satisfied with your service or product.

    Remember that you have more than money to do. You have a brand to maintain and it's more than a logo with beautiful colors. It's a feeling that you give your customers when they meet your business.

What would have been better if he had immediately said,

"It's good. I'm sorry you do not like the product. I always work on my job and I'm glad you let me try. I'll take your comments and continue to develop my skills, do not you Do not worry about paying. "

    Being open and honest in this way allows your client to be friendly to you. These are rare customers are too angry to listen and not show sympathy. Unless you did something terrible, people are truly willing to sympathize with someone to be honest.

So remember, be honest yourself and show that integrity is worth more than money.

You can always be a careful hand

Yes, it's too late for the customer to buy at home. But you can always offer a careful hand. However, you must understand it is too late to recover the customer at this point.

My designer logo continued to support different alternatives such as:

  • Pay
  • Do it
  • Wait longer
    When a customer is not impressed, it's unlikely that they want more help from you, and it's good. Suggesting someone else that you can know or say that you can help find someone makes you more friendly.

    We all went to the shops that tell us that we should try elsewhere because they do not have it. Instead of being pushed and trying to sell something, we do not want, they sign us in the right direction. We tend to enjoy the shops that do that, and I found that I tend to come back at some point because I build trust.

    The customer can become a loyal consumer of your competitor, but that's not the point. By helping them to someone who can do the work they need, you become a connection of trust. Without helping, you would have become a bad company.

    It is better to be known as a trusted advisor than a bad company. My logo creator could have proposed forming a list of people he knows who did it longer and who are better. It would have helped a lot, and I would probably have kept it as a connection.

Stick with your client until the end

    The last thing I would propose is to stick with your client even when they are no longer yours. You do this by asking your client if he managed to get what they wanted and what the product was looked like.

    By doing this, you show the customer that you care about their more results on their consumption. Not to mention, it's also a great way to see what you could do differently for future customers to be happy.

Closing thoughts

Treat with angry clients is something we all meet at least once in our lives. Few people teach us to broadcast the situation and get some value.
So, I hope today's short article has helped you learn how to do that.

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